About Us33

Welcome to this magical collection of thrifted Pre-loved Vintage, Designer, Branded & High Street clothes, shoes, accessories & Homeware.
We are passionate about sustainable Clothing, all our items are ethically sourced & we feel committed to the responsibilities we've set ourselves with a strong future vision of how we can continue to become more responsible with our resources, our community & our planet. There's still lots to do, by a long way! We haven't even begun to scratch the surface of this journey but the journey has started & we will continue to learn as we go- we are determined.
Strong Like Bull.
We are fascinated by style- I say Style because following fashion or the pack is not the makings of the Dark Bull team's aspirations- We have always admired the courage & defiance of anyone who stood apart visually.
Seek no approval.
Now we have become immersed in a sexy, driven, sassy community of thrifters, whom show the world daily that looking amazing doesn't have to cost a fortune & channelling your unique style guru is the epitome of confidence & self expression.
Here's a few things you should know!
  •  We don't launder any of our clothes and there's a really good reason why- up to 25% of each garment's carbon footprint comes from the way we wash it. An online study suggests that over 65% of consumers wash new garments before wearing it & that figure shoots up to over 87% when the garment is pre-owned. Therefore we could launder the garment only for it to sit on a rail & invariably be re-laundered upon arrival to its new home. The cost to the business from a monetary point of view is about eighteen pence per item to wash (this doesn't include drying) however the environmental impact is far greater including the pollution to the waterways & emissions.....this goes against what we are trying to achieve
  •  Please read the conditions sections, we will endeavour to be as detailed and as vigilant as possible. We have included a Red Heart  Symbol on any listings that "need love" we dont want to disgard a good item because it has a missing button or a broken zip when someone else may see this as an opportunity to re-purpose, re-work and re-love.
  •  Carbon emissions from new clothing bought in the UK every month are greater than the emissions from flying around the world 900 times. The textiles industry is considered one of the most polluted in the world, second to oil. Brits buy more New Garments than any other country in Europe, and 300,000 tonnes of them end up in UK landfills. 
Lets turn these numbers around and show how thrifting is saving...…. saving the planet, saving the lifespan of clothing, saving you money.
We know the joy of searching for the perfect find, and our vast selection has been categorised to help, even so with every single piece being unique...... the success of the find is in your hands. 
Happy Hunting,  
You Be You
Team Darkbull