Our Vintage & Retro style pieces, are hand picked and personally curated. These style pieces hold  history and are as unique and individual as you, please purchase thoughtfully and with love so you can continue to create memories & moments in style.


Dark Bull’s own clothing label has launched with our sustainable & Circular DB5 #Digb5th range, our flagship line has 5 Signature Bull inspired designs to celebrate our first store’s location in the heart of Digb5th B5. The designs are trademarked, locally printed with Vegan water-based inks, on organic cotton & recycled materials that are produced & made thoughtfully to last. With a tiered return system for the life of the range, you can remain a die-hard bull of your choice or switch teams to suit. Our 5 designs will be released in fresh colours and different styles along with limited edition designs to collect along the way. Our styles and prints have been produced to age beautifully so you can hold these until they become your very own vintage pieces. With A dedicated Percentage of all DB5’s profits being re-distributed to support local communities, projects & business we are super proud to bring you this epic range.


Illicit Bull

She’s naughty, sassy a real Diva of the many fetishes- open minded and ready to play. She takes no prisoners, a real Boss Biatch who runs her style on her own terms.

Element. Water Tag #illicitbull in your Diva pose for a chance to be featured.


Punk Bull

Nonconformist- hates the rules, loves colour, art & making a statement. This bull is a child of the 80’s & she’s unapologetic about her presence and the space she takes up.

Element. Space Tag #punkbull in your world for a chance to be featured.

Lawless Bull

His always ready to charge with swag & street smarts. Oversized styling, creature of comfort owning the yard. Coming at ya with all the 90’s & 2000 style vibes

Element. Earth Take your stance and tag #lawlessbull for a chance to be featured.

Necromancer Bull

His inked, armed with the power of the dark arts, obsessed with magic, flirts with death and prefers all things alternative.

Element. Fire Step into the mystic & tag #necromancerbull for a chance to be featured


Varsity Bull

They are preppy, smart & completely unconcerned by the opinions of others. Preferring all things retro, cultured with inquisitive minds and a love of the 50’s & 60’s

Element. Air take us back in time and tag #varsitybull for a chance to be featured.